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Default Nemo's tea - Leftovers!!!! A RECIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A WHOLE ONE!!!!!!!!! Don;t faint!

Lots of small quantitties of various frozen veggies in the freezer and
leftover cooked mung beans from making the Xmas nut-roast. So . . .

Fried a good few onions and *lots* of garlic in a mixture of sunflower and
olive oils. Added a few coriander and mustard seeds.

Spuds boiling in the meantime.

When onions translucent, Sainsbury's 'Basics' (poor sod's) peppers added and
fried for a bit longer.

Nice cheap tin of 'Basics' (poor sod's) plum tomatoes chopped and added with
some water and a few raisins to sweeten it.

Up to the boil again then frozen peas, sweetcorn, a few sprouts, 'Basics'
(poor sod's) mixed veggies, the left-over mung beans, paprika, basil (lots),
marjoram, tarragon, a little sage.

Back to the boil yet again and simmered until frozen stuff thawed and done -
then the boiled spuds added.

Liquor tasted - herbs OK - needs livening up a bit though. A little chilli
powder, and he juice and flesh of a lime which I forgot - bugger! it's one
of those tough ones that yer need fingers of steel to squeeze!

Good tip. Bung the lime or lemon in the microwave for 20 seconds or so and
it'll squeeze loverly. Then with a sharp knife pare off the flesh that's
sticking out of the halves and bung that in as well.

Simmered it some more. Dunked a bit of wholemeal bread in it. Delicious!

Straight from the 'can't be bothered to measure' section of the Trial and
Error cookbook and cheap as chips - which I'm not allowed any of either.