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Default Sourdough bread and the bread machine dough cycle

PastorDIC wrote:
Also, I've noticed that unless you make Mike Avery's Blueberry
Sourdough muffins on a regular basis to use up some starter (although
I'm sure there are other good uses I haven't found yet) or you make
about three loaves of bread at a time you are always going to have more
starter after you make one loaf of bread than you did before you made
it because it took more water and flour to reactivate the starter than
the amount of starter you used in your recipe.

Since I wrote most of the sourdoughhome web page, I've been changing how
I use and maintain starter. And I am not having tons of excess starter
any longer. It is very similar to what Dick and Samartha talk about in
their posts.

I have gone from about 100% hydration on the starter I save in the
fridge to around 60%. This stored starter lasts months without
refreshment and without hooch. When I get low on starter, I take the
storage starter out of the fridge and feed it up until I have enough

About two days before I want to bake, I take a very small amount of
starter out of the jar in the fridge and feed it up. After two days, I
have the amount of starter I need, and the starter is very active.

My goal is to have the right amount of starter, with no leftover
starter. Since I know how much starter I'll need for my bake, I work
towards that amount. As a side note, if you don't have quite enough, it
is easy to replace part of the starter with flour and water and carry
on. The rise will take a bit longer, but it will work. On a few
occasions I have used as little as 1/4 of the starter the recipe called
for. In general, the first rise will take a bit longer, but the second
rise (if you use one) will take the usual amount of time.


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