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Default All day in the bloody kitchen!!!

Good thing there is a never ending supply of La Cerveza Mas Fina :-)

Made my Christmas Pudding (x2), just about to do the fruit mince
pies.... the fruit has been heated up with Kahlua and has now cooled, so
I'll add the tequila, and whack 'em in the cases.

Cut up one of the legs of ham to use as cold cuts, the other will be
liberally doused with a lemon-Lime marmalade mixed with tequila, and
maybe some brown sugar, and then put in the Weber.. I was going to bake
both of them, but thought WTH!!

Was wondering what to do with the spare pudding so I got the small one,
crumbled it up, threw so more rum in, and some shredded coconut, rolled
the mix up in little balls and coated them with melted chocolate.

So now I have little chocolate coconut and rum christmas pud balls!! :-)

Got the bonelss leg of pork ready to go into the Weber mid-morning,
along with a chook.

All the seafood is nicely chilled and ready and raring to be eaten!!

Might split the Bugs and douse with garlic/chilli butter and sear on the
BBQ just before serving. Orrrrrrrrrrrrr, take the meat out, chop it up,
and maybe do a white wine sauce and dollop back into the shells......??
Who knows??!! I'll see how I feel in the morning.

have heaps of lemons....... for the seafood and for the Cervazas.....
and will make up a roasted garlic aoli to go with the prawns.

Oh!! And I made some Rocky Road for some of the guests who seem to
really like it :-)

Probably will be too damn busy tomorrow to log on........ so Merry
Christmas everyone, I hope your day is a good one.

Peter Lucas

'Enjoy today, it was paid for by a veteran'