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Default a bunch of bananas to appease the beast

nemo wrote:
"donquijote1954" wrote in message

tsr3 wrote:
Sounds like you really need to down a couple of Big Macs, and a fist
full of Oreos.

I'd do it if the lion eats the banana first.

Q: What did the lion say as he ate the explorer?

A: Doctor Livingstone, I consume.

I found out last night that rats ate my banana, so I asume that the
lion sharing with the rat its predation would turn to banana if it need
be. Doctor Livingstone should have carried a bunch of bananas to
appease the beast.

Notice here that the lion is a vegetarian...

"The lion was offered hay to eat. These were powerful and intense

The Peaceable Kingdom paintings portray a delicate balance of difficult
and unresolved issues. The lion-ego poses the greatest threat. The wild
animals are seemingly domesticated and brought into line with loving
kindness. However, their expression of pop-eyed puzzlement is not lost
on any viewer. For the moment, they are behaving themselves, eating
bovine food and not the little lambs."