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Default Poison In The Food: How the Hungry Lion Eats Us

Sounds like you really need to down a couple of Big Macs, and a fist
full of Oreos.

donquijote1954 wrote:
We all are victims of it, men and women, old and young alike.
The"Hungry Lion" makes us eat what's most profitable for him. We enter
the supermarket isles and we are overwhelmed by unnecessary products,
laced with unnecessary ingredients. And hydrogenated oils is just the

Well, we remain hopeful we can tame the beast and make him eat banana,
just as the good vegetarian lions should.

First the poison food, then the story of the Hungry Lion, and finally a

Poison In The Food: Hydrogenated Oils

The truth about hydrogenated oils and our nation's disease epidemics

I'm about to share with you a true story about how the world's
population is being poisoned by an ingredient that is intentionally
added to our food supply. I'm going to share with you details of how
the World Health Organization implored nations to outlaw this
ingredient in 1977, but the food companies continued to lobby for
keeping the ingredient legal because it was convenient for them and
boosted their profits, never mind that it was wreaking havoc on the
health of consumers. What kind of havoc? - Cancer, heart disease,
lowbirth- weight infants, malformed brains and nervous systems in
fetuses and infants, infertility in men and women, breast cancer,
prostate cancer, weight gain, type 2 diabetes, rotting teeth and gums.
I'm going to name a lot more right here in this program.

I'm talking about hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenated oils are poisons, in
the sense that they were never intended for human consumption. They
don't exist in nature. They're not found in any natural, raw,
unprocessed foods at all. In fact, there is no nutritional requirement
whatsoever in the human body for hydrogenated oils, or for trans-fatty
acids which are produced as a side effect of the hydrogenation process.
But what's really amazing about this story is not all the damage that
this ingredient causes, nor all of the diseases that it has promoted,
nor the direct correlation between the skyrocketing rates of diseases
and the increasing consumption of foods containing these hydrogenated
oils. The real story here is about how our lawmakers and our so-called
"health leaders" have refused to outlaw this ingredient, even though
they are fully aware of the dangers that it poses to human health.
There has been no real attempt out there to protect consumers from this
toxic, even deadly, ingredient. As usual, it's all about big business.
The government organizations out there that are supposed to be
protecting consumers have once again ended up protecting the big food
giants. Those huge manufacturing companies that have big lobbies in
Washington seem to run everything that happens there these days. This
ingredient remains legal, even while it is killing people in the United
States and all around the world.


I bet you know a character like this lion...

Once upon a time, in the deep jungle, lived a Lion and a Monkey... One
day the Monkey, tired of the Lion always taking the LION'S SHARE, and
seeing that such injustice represented a danger to all, demanded
JUSTICE... The Lion, yawning and stretching, said, "You would have to
have paws and sharp teeth..." Then the Monkey, who was very clever,
devised a plan: He would go to the costume store, and look like a

When the HUNGRY LION saw him, noticing that the new lion wasn't a match
for him, and fearing COMPETITION, killed him on the spot --before the
indifferent look of the little animals of the jungle... And that's how
the Law of the Jungle was re-established one more time... (NOTE: Other
monkeys survived him...)


But to tell you the truth, this monkey wasn't very clever in dressing
like a lion. The real smart monkey knows better and would do this...

(Based on the slogan:
"Make love, not war," was not just a protest against the indifference
and lack of humaneness in Vietnam; it was also a positive statement
that love between parent and child, teacher and pupil, fiance and
fiancee, and husband and wife is an activity we should try to pursue in
the house when work is not necessary. It is the one real source of
truth, beauty, and salvation in a community where deceit, corruption,
and impersonality seem to be rampant. -Jerome Kagan)

The smart monkey shows his cleverness...

And what better way to make love than to give the banana to the roaring
lion? The monkey knows that the lion is more powerful than him, and
knows he better use his own weapons, so he decides to be funny, that
being his natural gift. The story goes like this: The lion roars:
"Monkey, I'm made to eat meat, so you better come down right
now." And the monkey replies very cool: "Mighty King, that's
doubtful as the Bible says you were vegetarian, so you can eat my
banana..." (T-shirts with the slogan "You Can Eat My Banana"
available now!)


This is what we propose...

"Junk food should have a warning label (just like cigarettes),
particularly the one destined to children, and also be taxed to
subsidize healthy alternatives."