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Default Thanksgiving meal mostly original Amerindian stuff

Wayne Lundberg wrote:
Just for fun, you might want to look at the stuff on your Thanksgiving table
tomorrow and figure out what percentage of the items originated on the
American continent, from the turkey to cornbread, pumpkins to peas, potatoes
to yams, cranberries to tomatoes....

What think you?

They may have had some sweet potatoes... however, it's doubtful that
Pilgrims brought over any yams from Africa or Asia... they don't really
grow well here. There are a couple of African supermarkets here in
Houston that carry yams... but they're not very good compared with
sweet potatoes, in my opinion.

If any country ever made use of a fruit that wasn't native to it... I
believe that Italy couldn't exist without the tomatoes brought back
from the "new world". You have to wonder just what the Hell they ate
before the tomato arrived.