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Default How green is your YinHao Jasmine?

The reason I'm revisiting Jasmine is because of the taste I think I'm
going to encounter in my tea blossoms. I like YinHao Jasmine because
it is sensory overload. I could use it in place of rose water for an
Eau de Cologne. I've already discovered my tea blossoms taste
different brewed in a big pot versus my tiny tea blossom pitcher. In
the large pot one tea blossom smells like Jasmine. In the smaller
pitcher the smell is very faint. I think what is coming through in the
smaller volume is the Jasmine taste versus the Jasmine smell.


....I axe because I need the exercise...
Dominic T. wrote:
Space Cowboy wrote:
I have several commercial brands and one online vendor brand of YinHao
Jasmine from a Chinese vendor. YinHao means Silver Tips more or less.


Congrats for the effort, I know I get looked down for my love of
Jasmine, but hey I'm willing to take it. I tend to find that the green
teas I most enjoy with jasmine is fairly nondescript. I have enjoyed
some really amazing green tea (with full and beautiful jasmine blossoms
floating on top of the cup) but language barriers kept me from figuring
out the exact green tea used.

- Dominic