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Default Bad Bakery - No Donut

You must be an American liberal .....

It is ethical for a food vender to give money back
and deny you any future service .
What other choices does he have !!! Thats his best method !!

You buy there cause you want low price and high quality .
Thats unethical .

Highest quality is when men are free to buy where they want
and the vender is free to sell to who they wish .
Its called competition . The US govt has outlawed competition
for 180 years ! Its your unethical laws !!

Now for something even more difficult for common ppl
to understand .
Walmart offers money back and you can
buy more of it , but you have no power to buy elsewhere
to force competition on Walmart ...
They are the Government store ! You have no choice ,
you buy only at govt stores !
They fix prices and refuse "demand" ,
supply us with what they want to .

In a free country , a store goes bankrupt if even a few complaints
How many complainst do you think Walmart gets every minute ? a free mkt , theres lots more competitors ....

Dont get a lawyer , dont waste your time , the USA middle class
will be losing its jobs ( 250 million ) and the next domino to fall
will be .............
the worlds population will start to drop .
next domino will be the end of poverty .....
next domino will be the end of all other races ( from natural
It took the world thousands of years to build pop to 6000 million ,

In only one generation , all poor will sterilize .....