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Default Narsai David's "Alexis Bespaloff" chicken dish

Reg said...

Andy wrote:


Funny you should mention it.


So ended my career as a dishwasher/wine expert at his French



P.S. I didn't think anyone else on the planet knew the fat man.

Narsai was pretty well known around here. I had a friend who
owned a metal shop in Emeryville who produced some items
for the restaurant. I don't know if you remember the table
settings, but the big giant candle holders were custom
made to Narsai's detailed specifications by this guy.

Narsai had no compliants about what he received, he of
course used them, but after much effort trying to collect
the guy never got paid a cent. Narsai was like that,
ya know. That's only one story.

Sounds like your final paycheck cleared so you made out
pretty well.

I guess so.

We used to get there at 4:00pm to do food prep and a general head start
to the evening. At 5;00pm, we'd all sit down at a giant round table for a
specially prepared dinner just for the staff, with plenty of beer and
wine. Afterwards, everybody went outside and dozens of joints were lit up
and passed around. There was NEVER a sober person working there!