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Default Bad Bakery - No Donut

T wrote:
So on Saturday the SO bought a coconut custard pie from the local
bakery. We've bought them from the same store before and they were
pretty good. This time however, the custard was lumpy and resembled
scrambled eggs more than custard.

He tried to take it back and was told that they couldn't. Of course his
mistake was doing this all over the phone. It is too easy to fluff off
someone on the phone, not so easy to do it to someone standing in front
of you.

Anyway, I took it back today. The girl at the counter used the same line
and I asked her to call the owner, even said please.

Next this old white haired lady comes out, and is furiously pounding the
register. She hands me the money and says "Don't you ever step foot in
here again." to which I replied that she didn't need to worry, both I
and friends would avoid the bakery.

What the hell happened to customer service? When did it die and why
wasn't I notified?

In case you're wondering, its Scialo Brothers Bakery on Atwells Avenue
in Providence, RI.

Hmmm, if it wasn't an ethnic bakery, I'd suggest a letter tot he editor
of the Journal, but better safe than sorry when you're in RI....
(Do you suppose it was Mamma Scialo herself? I guess I'd be more
worried about mal occhio than Cosa Nostra.)


gloria p