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Default Quinoa?

Andy wrote:
I just saw quinoa on the Epicurious TV show. Some sort of super grain
originally from South America.

What's the cooked consistency like? Rice, couscous?

Probably served like a pilaf or in soup in place of barley?

Sounds good, anyway.

Any thoughts?

I've been cooking with it for years.

Botanically, it is an herb, but it acts like a grain when cooking so you
can think of it as a grain. Nutritionally, it has more protein and less
carb than the other grains.

The cooked consistency is closest to bulgar wheat than anything else.
You can cook it to the mushy stage or catch it when the kernels are
still soft but still separate.

You can put it in a soup, but I prefer it as a salad. I use in place of
cous cous and bulgur in tabouleh. That's mixing it with parsley, mint,
scallions, oil and lemon juice. (I have nothing against cous cous or
bulgur so my substitution is about variety, but this is a good tip for
those who can't eat wheat.)

I make another salad with half cooked quinoa and half raw finely chopped
vegetables: carrot, red and green bell pepper, scallions, cilantro or
parsley, zucchini, etc. with a cider vinegar, tamari, sesame oil dressing.

I get best results when I rinse it in a strainer before cooking. Bring
3 parts water to a boil, add 1 part quinoa, cover and lower heat for 15
minutes. Remove from heat and fluff with a fork.

Pronounce it keen-wa.