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Default White tea from Africa

Hi all yall out there,
I would like to strt a discussion of african white tea. Nigel says its
great and his daughter has a website that exclusively sells it. I know
I have seen a site that had it before reading about Nigels Discussion
of white tea. I went to Nigels daughters site and never remember being
there. But recently (and I will find it I read it...) Was in english
with prices in US dollars than pounds. NOw I always like to try tea
from anywhre I can that is tea.
Nigel... Is this tea is it a sinisis plant or another plant? It sound
Now, anyone out there who had tried this please tell us about it (me)
....Nigel You cannot be totally objective of course this is your
daughters place and I understand this. The reason I am asking becausse
the price seemed kinda high. But I have spent more than I should on tea
for sure.
So anyone who has taken the leap please post.. I an very interested for
all the reasons we talked about in another topic.
Yours all yall in tea