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Default ferment stuck solid...seeking advice suggestions

On Nov 2, 9:18 am, "Joe Sallustio" wrote:
Try a different yeast and make a starter. I would suggest Lalvin
K1V1116; it's a good all purpose yeast and is alcohol tolerant. I
think you might have left all of your initially viable yeast behind
when you racked and the second champagne yeast couldn't propagate in
the existing alcohol, but it's just a guess.

As to what next:

Hydrate yeast per the instructions.

Add to 8 ounces water + 3 tablespoons sugar.

Once it gets going well add that to 8 ounces of this apple must.

Add that to 1 pint of must, once it's going;

Add that to a quart of must, once it's going add that to the batch.

It sounds like a lot of messing around but I doubt this will take more
than a day or two to get through.

Do it now though, sooner is better. If you go out to buy yeast maybe
get some yeast nutrient or DAP and add it to the existing batch to see
if that gets it going while you build up the starter.

Joe, when you do the doubling of the starter, do you have to keep
racking the remaining stuck must into smaller containers to prevent air
exposure or is it okay to leave the carboy untopped for the 1-2 days
this'll take? I haven't had to do this yet (knock on wood) but I've
always wondered about that part - having to protect the leftover would
be a pain.