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Default Pan shuffle/toss technique!?!

Dean G. said...

Andy wrote:
Any folks have that nack of shuffling/tossing a pan full of stuff to
toss things around in that fashion where the food looks like it's
going to fly out of the pan but is magically gathered out of thin air
back into the pan in less than the blink of an eye?!?

Does it require a special pan? And if it does, which kind?

I'd like to add a little flash but this technique has escaped me
forever! Dammit!!!

How do you do that??? Got a slow-mo video??



Just about any slope sided pan should work, and maybe others as
well. It also helps to have quite a bit of extra room in the pan.
Practice with cold items. Put some crutons, diced apples, or whatever
in a pan, and practice. No heat, no big mess if you drop anything. One
you get the technique down, then you can try the eggs.

My usual technique involves sliding the stuff to the far end, and
then flipping with almost a scooping motion. Usually you just need to
tilt the pan and shake it a little for this, then you can flip it
easier. Don't over-do it, you only want to flip it high enough to get
it out of the pan, and then catch it again. The scooping motion should
provide plenty of rotation, and with a little practice you can get
most of it flipped in one motion.

The main problem I notice other people have is that they want to
flip everything three feet in the air. This will usually result in a
three foot mess. Go slower. Try for thee or four inches instead of
three of four feet. Finally, it only works with things that aren't
sticking to the pan. You didn't need to be told that, but some people

Dean G.

Dean G.,

Well that's downright sound advice!!!

Many thanks. I'll give it a whirl.

All the best,