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Default TN: SOBER tasting- Bdx, Rhone, Piedmont

sounds like your '61 was a bit off. Mine (from questionable storage)
was pretty good if a tad tired 2 years ago, I remember at time it was
one of the stars at a vertical I missed ('55-'00). And John Gilman was
saying last night it's a fave (probably notes at But
I've never had a 70s PC that really impressed, and the '82 is a noted

But I remember that everyone had standing, besides the small
glasses for the wines, a water bowl that happened to be the large
Riedel Sommelier Bordeaux Grand Cru stem (4400/00). With the last
red, Pape Clément 1961, I had it poured into this glass, much to
the distress of the server - and to an almost collapsing maitre d'
in the background.

We were four tables. From every table one non-French journalist
was asked about his opinion about the '61. As fate would have it,
from my table they asked me. Since the wine was rather tired and
slightly oxidized - nowhere, where a decent 1961 claret should be
- I tried to be polite and deliberated about how really great reds
converge when getting older, so that the characters of an almost
30 year old claret and an equally old Barolo show similarities.

I guess what I said was not what they wanted to hear ... ;-(