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Default TN: SOBER tasting- Bdx, Rhone, Piedmont

I liked the '61, but think Pape-Clement's rep wasn't too shiny in most
of 70s & 80s. I missed a vertical my group did of most major PCs from
1955 to 2000, but recall most of my friends were unimpressed with most
of the maybe mid60s through mid80s wines in context of vintages. But
late 80s they seem to have turned around, and I've really enjoyed the
'90 twice. The '96 as noted is nice (this is several times for me), as
is the '98. Lately there has been a switch in style, and the 2001 &
2002 are definitely somewhat (insert your favorite descriptor here for
modern style: international, spoofulated, Parkerized, hedonistic,
sexybeastified, whatever). That should bring some red out for you.