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Default Wonder Wine kit - Anyone try these?

WonderWine - as I outlined, this is a $2.75 kit of powder, yeast and
stabilizing packets . The Loganberry, Cherry and Peach are all perking
just fine. I am only 2 weeks into the 6+ weeks of fermenting, so it's
bubbling just fine. I had to put on a heating pad (as instructed) to
keep the temperature up as it is now getting into fall here.

I am almost embarrassed to tell folks I'm making this. But it is an
experiment. I have 1 gallon of each going. Good thing I live in North
Carolina, where sweet cheap wine is the mainstay for many. Oh, that was

p.s. I just bottled a Chardonnay that is so deep in gold, I'm not sure
it will straighten out! For Christmas, did a Cranberry-Shiraz kit and a
Mango Citrus Symphony kit -- for gifts.

Dave Allison wrote:
For anyone that cares, I've decided to try the "Kool-aid" wine mentioned
above. Just an experiment.

I received the kits today - 2 Loganberry, 2 Cherry, and 2 Peach.
The kit has a yeast package, a clearing package, and a larger "kool-aid"
type packet that made a VERY deep color and flavor Loganberry (wow, dark
and smells great).

I followed the instructions for a gallon jug - 5 cups warm/hot water,
4-5 1/2 cups of sugar (I used 5), mix, add 5 cups cool water. mix.
Activate yeast, add to mash. In an hour put into a gallon carboy.

I will update as this unfolds. My first impression - it is kool-aid
wine, I will probably give to my adult daughters (27-30). But who knows
until you try. smile.