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Default Cooking Chicken with walnuts & pomegranate paste

Bronwyn wrote:
In the middle of cooking Pomegranate Khoresh with Chicken posted
recently by Tammy.
It is basically chicken pieces sauted with onions with a ground walnut
and pomegranate paste added. I was out of saffron threads, so the paste
is just walnuts, cinnamon and pomegranate molasses (diluted). We like
spicy food. This appears bland but I'm willing to cook as recipe for
the first time and see what we think. The recipe also calls for
butternut pumpkin cubes, browned then added to the dish and all cooked
for 1.5 hrs. I decided to brown the cubes in oil on an oven tray, and
then add them towards the end of the cooking time so they don't cook
right down, Yeah, so I am changing the recipe a bitgrin.
The recipe suggests serving with rice. I think it will need a green
vegetable side. I am so used to putting fresh herbs in my cooking, the
chicken looks ' bland'. Can I stop myself putting f. chopped parsley
in to serve??
Anyone else got any thoughts on these ruminations?


Answering myself here..... well. we have just eaten the dinner. it was
delicious. I did put herbs on the side - parsley and mint which I
thought was nice with it. DH and I discussed the dish, and thought
*maybe* you could add some dried apricots or prunes. But, then on
finishing the meal, it was rich as it was. I served white rice and a
side dish of chopped broccoli and tomato. That was a good foil against
the richness. I also added a squeeze of lemon to the chicken before
In summary, we loved the dish and would cook it for company. it is a
really unusual dish. A light fruit dessert would follow I think.
Poached pears or something.