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Default Food and Wine Festival Soft-Opens

In article . com, dannh54 says...

I agree with you, Hunt, about Disney not giving the event the service
it needs. I spent all day Friday (and WAY too many dollars at the food
kiosks) at the Festival, and three people asked me (or others nearby)
what was going on to cause a line to form at the tastings and cooking
demos. The kiosks with the samples are easy to find, but the truly
educational stuff about wines, cooking and cuisine are "hidden" from
all but those who follow WDW news and traditions religiously.

To me, this year's Festival is at least as good as the past ones. (The
official tee-shirt is very cool.) However, one of the wine tasting
sites is located in the large hallway next to "Character Connection,"
and the noise from the meet-and-greet drowns out the guest speaker if
you're sitting in the back.



Yes, in years past, even the WDW "insiders" did not get much info. At one of
the earlier expos, we were hunting for a few of the seminars (not even
mentioned in our signup packets), when we encountered an old friend, who had
moved to the Orlando area. She asked what brought us to Disney, and when we
replied, "well, the Epcot Wine & Food Expo, of course," she knew nothing of
it, even though she was a member of the Disney program at the highest level.
She even hosted several of the Disney management seminars for the healthcare
field and knew nothing of the event!

I hope that the expo is a continued success, and that Disney comes to realize
what the potential is and advertises it.

Each year that I have attended, has been better than in previous years, so
they seem to be going in the correct direction.

I'll be seeing Chef Wong after this year's expo, and will ask how the
attendence was - and if he'll be back in '07.

Again, thanks for the link and I'll be checking it out for next year's event.