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Default Food and Wine Festival Soft-Opens

In article .com, dannh54 says...

We've uploaded all the food menus with their requisite prices for
Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival, which soft-opened on
Thursday, October 28. Check them out at,
along with scanned images of the official Festival program. More WDW
coverage will be uploaded soon.




Thanks for the link. While some might see it as advertising, it provides a big
service to the wine & food crowd.

Though it has been going on for quite a few years, Disney has never given this
event the service that it deserves and needs. I've attended several and have
had to scout out the actual events, often by word-of-mouth from exhibitors/
producers. Even those with inside "membership" to various Disney programs,
know little about the Epcot event and what it entails.

I'll be missing this year's festival, even though a favorite chef, Alan Wong,
will be there. Travel will keep me away until early Nov. However, next year I
hope to once more be in attendence and will check out your site (bookmarked)
in the future.