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Default Filthy, Unvaccinated Illegals cause 80% of new sickness in USA

al walker wrote:
Illegal immigrants hired as farm produce pickers and those working as packers ARE ALL UNVACCINATED AND HAVE FILTHY HYGIENE HABITS.
So it only makes sense that where illegals actually touch the food and those illegals who are working around edible products where foods do not go through de-contaminations procedures such as pasturisation or other sterilizing methods before going to the public to be consumed ARE CAUSING SICKENESS AND DISEASE TO BE SPREAD IN THE USA.
Get rid of all the illegals SEND ALL ILLEGAL WETBACKS HOME !!
DEPORTING THEM ONE STATE AT A TIME will allow the concentrated use of Border agents and we will get rid of 75 percent of the new
sickness and disease that has suddenly appeared in the USA!!!!

Agreed. But will our butt-licking "leaders" have the balls to do

ted V-Dare