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Default Pessac-Leognan Notes

Hi Bill,

On 10 Sep 2006 11:02:07 -0700
"Bill S." wrote:

1988 Haut Bailly - dark wine with an excellent fruit driven nose,
mature, up front soft tannins that seemed to fade after 10 minutes, and
a long juicy finish. Fruit on palate was good but not lavish.

Interested to see this come up in your tasting. We drank the 88 a
few weeks ago, along with the 89 at the same dinner. I think both
bottles were damaged. For me the 88 was completely scalped;
none of the juice I hoped for and you report. The 89 was less
damaged but problematic all the same, very tough and almost
no fruit showing, but still with some interesting tarry depths that
stood up well to the sanglier.

Glad to hear I may hope for more from my remaining bottles!

I'm sadly not holding what sounds like an excellent 95, when it
became available to me the price was creeping up over $US35,
and I gave it the pass. Too bad!

Emery Davis
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