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Default "collateral included deaths in organic rice production [faq]"

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"Regrettably, there probably are some small animal deaths. However,
the number of deaths in a mile of rice harvesting pales in comparison to
the road kill on a mile of highway.

That's an obvious lie, and anyone who's aware that animals don't
live on asphalt should be able to understand why.

Where's the obvious lie? Animals traverse highways, and numerous
vehicles are constantly speeding along them.., but animals can easily
move out of the way of slow machinery making one pass in the field.

Even if somehow, incredibly, no animals were killed by harvesters:

the environment they had depended on for shelter from predators is
removed and predators kill them because they have nowhere left
to hide.

Where are all 'these' frogs coming from, [email protected]?


Yeah... like in Texas flowing streams are swarming with frogs .. Rotfl!

Some are.

There may be quite a few along the banks, and in stiller, shallow water..

Here's something else you can't comprehend: there are
sometimes tadpoles too. Something else you won't be able to grasp:
there is often still water behind the flood gates where eggs are laid
and tadpoles hatch and live, and when the gate is opened the eggs
and tadpoles are swept along with the water.

Sure.. there are hundreds of thousands of eggs and tadpoles -right there-.

(Describe these 'flood gates', [email protected] How do they operate exactly?)

And, sadly for you, frogspawn and young tadpoles cling to plants:

'.. the spawn was floating in the middle of the pond, attached to a
marginal plant whose top leaves were just breaking the surface of
the water. ' [image of frogspawn attached to plant]

'A female spawns the frogspawn in small portions, in the form of
small clusters attached to shoots of water plants. There are
approximately from 20 to 150 eggs in such a cluster. An egg is light
- brown on side and light - yellow on the other side.

The development cycle for the larva lasts for approximately 3 months.
At first, tadpoles attach themselves to water plants with the use of the
pad while more mature forms of these swim freely. Before transformation,
they usually reach the length ranging from 46 to 49 millimetres. After the
transformation, young tree frogs leave their water reservoir.

Show us some other documentation of this alleged mass slaughter.


diderot fiction snipped.
Why would I "want to believe" that so many animals are killed in
rice production.

To feel better about the billions of deaths caused by the livestock industry.

Since you don't believe there are a significant number of cds involved
with crop production, which deaths do you think you're referring to, have
you any idea?

Of course.

Which ones?

The billions of livestock killed; the wildlife directly slaughtered as 'predators',
'competitors', and 'pests'; the collateral deaths in 30 million hectares of feed..