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Default Fresh Pork... and I mean FRESH! Which cut?

"43fan" wrote in message
Ok, real stoopid question here... friends of mine are doing a pig roast.
Puchased a whole hog, but had it quartered. Basically, cut in half, then
split each half down the middle of the ribs.

They want me to smoke one of the sections... I'm curious what to use?
Front shoulder or rear quarter(which one?), and cut the ribs away first?
Or maybe just cut the ribs away all around, and just smoke those for them

Picking it up off them later today, so any help here soon would be great!

Sounds more like a parts of a pig roast. How big was the pig? If a small
one, it is probably tender, but if it was 240 pounds or more, you have
different things going on with toughness. Usually, the hind section is more
tender than the front shoulder. If you choose the front, it will take
longer to break down the collagen and tenderize. I'd remove the ribs and do
them separate. The rear leg makes good ham. How about bacon?