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Default "collateral included deaths in organic rice production [faq]"

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On Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:21:49 +0100, "pearl" wrote:

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On 29 Aug 2006 06:11:43 -0700, "Florida" wrote:

Hey, Kent Lundberg, how are you? We buy your rice. Organic is
good. Interesting that there are no collateral included deaths in
commercial rice production.

It's a lie. Obviously pearl wants to promote the lie,

You're the one who obviously wants to promote the lie, liar.

As I said, OBVIOUSLY you want to promote the lie. Anyone
who thinks there are no cds in rice production would have to
be even stupider than you, meaning that you know there are,
meaning that you're the deliberate liar. Duh.

I have not said that there are "no cds in rice production", as you imply.

"Regrettably, there probably are some small animal deaths. However,
the number of deaths in a mile of rice harvesting pales in comparison to
the road kill on a mile of highway. Harvesters move slowly, and they are
not the high speed machines described in this article." - Kent Lundberg

That is from someone *known* to be a GENUINE organic rice farmer.

As I said, you are a liar, and you OBVIOUSLY want to promote the lie.