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Default Where can I buy mylar bags to store teas in???

Phyll wrote:
Mike, Thanks! I assume you got the mylar bag that is pictured on your
website (with the nitrogen filling instruction) from Sorbentsystem?
The bag you use (the one on your website) is exactly the kind I'm
looking for.

I will check sorbentsystems out. Thx again.


Yes, that is where I got those exact bags. If memory serves the bag on
my nitro page is 4.5mil and about 3.5"X6.5" which I dont see offered at
the moment. It was probably one of those "special" deals that is no
longer offered because it is not being made in mass quantities any

Over the years they run different specials on certain bags, because
they are running mass quantities for someone else, and I usually will
stock up on those special deals. For example right now they are running
this special which IMHO is a
good deal for small quantitity lots.

Pay attention to the thickness of your bags and make sure your sealer
can handle them. This site is also where I bought the sealer you see in
the nitro pics. The "specification" link on their specials page is
broken but that bag is made from this 4.5mil material which is very suitable
for tea. To give a comparison, the common potatoe chip bag is about