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Default Where can I buy mylar bags to store teas in???

Mike, Thanks! I assume you got the mylar bag that is pictured on your
website (with the nitrogen filling instruction) from Sorbentsystem?
The bag you use (the one on your website) is exactly the kind I'm
looking for.

I will check sorbentsystems out. Thx again.


Mike Petro wrote:
Phyll wrote:
Hi all:

My first thread here on

Does anybody know where I can get small mylar bags where I can place
some tea and seal it? You know, like those small, metallic, air-tight
pouches used by tea merchants to send tea samples in...

Thanks for your help in advance.


Try as they offer smaller quantities and they
have a wide selection. I have been doing business with them for about 7
years now and have always been happy.