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Default [OT] ALAN SPAM ALERT Troll on the loose

On uk.environment, in , "[email protected]" wrote:

article not downloaded:

Like most trolls, this one is too stupid to realize that he has
been defeated.

Trolls all think that if they just run their punk mouths long
enough, what they want to happen will happen.

I'm sure the poor feeb believes that I read his articles.

Although, as near as I can tell, no one does but his own

All a rational person with a little experience on the Usenet has
to see is that alias, and they know the poster is a snivelling
punk who can't tell his own asshole from a hole in the ground.


If you replied to an article of mine and are wondering
why I didn't respond to you, the fact is that I didn't
even download your artcle. For an explanation, see: