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taopants wrote:
I have really appreciated you humor and 'take' on tea stuff. I want to
pick your brain on Japanese tea..I have found myself attracted to the
japanese senchas and gyokuros. I have found, besides Rishi ( Who I
trust and frequently pay for), these web
sites... and let me know what you think

Well that makes one, I guess The rest of the crew around here also
have quite a bit of insight to greens too, so I wouldn't rest purely on
my advice... but I will say that the vendors who are on my next to
order list a ItoEn, Teaspring (Chinese greens though), o-cha. Others
like hibiki-an, Shizuokatea, Zhong Guo Cha (Chinese greens though),
and teanobi are also on my radar for one or two tea's each.

I have never heard of tigermamaexpress, it seems to be based in Hawaii
and their prices seem a bit high, I would think you could do better

Hope that helps some,
- Dominic