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Steve Wertz wrote:

On Sun, 09 May 2004 02:08:15 GMT, occupant

Most cheese I freeze so I have no problem.
I buy Mozzarella in large blocks for pizzas but no matter how tightly
I wrap it, it starts to go mouldy on the outside in a bout two weeks
after I have opened it from the store packaging. I cut off the mould.
I wrap it very well in plastic. Is there anything I should be doing to
prevent the mould from forming? If I bought some paraffin and covered
the cheese in that, would that make a difference? Thanks for any

Cleaning your fridge (and drip pan - if any) with bleach would
probably help, as well as cutting on a clean cutting board when
it's out.

Not to mention washing one's hands prior to touching the cheese.

I don't get noticeable mold on opened mozzarella for probably 5
weeks or more. Freezing it, it often separates back into its curd
formations and gets crumbly (not the balls usually, but the blocks


maxine in ri