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Default Question for Karen Winter, who used to post at 'rat' and nowposts as bleagh 'glorfindel'



I believe my objection is crystal clear. If Karen sold cockatiel
ejaculate to bird breeders,

Now that's a horrible thought....

I would vigorously oppose it.

Me, too.


I believe zoophilia requires a pleasure-seeking human.

And one who is willing to put his own gratification
before the interests of the animal involved. That
is wrong, whether one's victim is human or non-human.

I don't think
Karen qualifies.

I don't. I have absolutely no sexual interest in any
non-human animal. Let's get real here -- a cockatiel?
What kind of weird person would imagine someone could
get a sexual thrill from having a 'tiel rub on one's hand?

These guys have seriously perverted imaginations, and, I
have to assume, no experience with small domestic birds.