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Default Question for Karen Winter, who used to post at 'rat' and now posts as bleagh 'glorfindel'

Derek wrote:
On 17 Aug 2006 14:56:16 -0700, " wrote:
Derek wrote:
On 17 Aug 2006 13:28:27 -0700, " wrote:

The process of artificial insemination, including the harvesting
of male ejaculate, is not gratifiying for the female and is
gratifying for the male.

Then, according to your view where gratifying animals
sexually is permissible, you have no objection to the
harvesting of animal semen.

I object on the grounds of animal commodification.

No, you don't object at all.

I believe my objection is crystal clear. If Karen sold cockatiel
ejaculate to bird breeders, I would vigorously oppose it. You believe
humans should


I have no relationship with animals requiring "fiddling".

You believe, as Karen does, that it is right and proper to
sexually gratify animals by being their sexual partner.
You endorse and promote zoophilia.

I believe zoophilia requires a pleasure-seeking human. I don't think
Karen qualifies.