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Default Chico/Leif cuts and runs...again

On Sat, 19 Aug 2006 19:22:34 -0600, Glorfindel wrote:

chico chupacabra wrote:

The usual drivel of those who don't understand

Still trying to ignore the fact that you and Leif
don't understand animals, and don't know about
animals. This whole thread has been an obvious
attempt at diversion -- the worst kind of
sleazy attempted slight-of-hand to try to hide
your ignorance and error. Admit Leif was
wrong in claiming animals never voluntarily seek
out interspecies sexual activity. You don't even
have to mention what every high-school biology
student knows about imprinting in birds and
socialization in mammals on humans. Just
repeat after me: mule...coydog...wolfdog...
crossbred feline and avian species....

I would love to see the quote where Goo made
that stupid claim, if you don't mind posting it and/or
the message id.

You *try* to turn this into an attack on me
for being a responsible bird owner. That's
because, as we all know, you have no honor

None. But is he really stupid enough to believe
his absurd claim that:

"my name and reputation are sterling" - Goo

Has anyone who converses with Goo actually been
unable to figure out that he is contemptible by his
own actions...

and no honesty,

....yes, and *incredibly* dishonest...

and you're dumb as a post about real animals.

....ignorance maintained by stupidity...that's our Goo.

But it doesn't work. We see through you.

Is anyone fooled into thinking Goo is respectable?
Do you think even Dutch isn't aware of what a
childish liar Goo is? LOL...if he's not, do you think there's
any chance Goo doesn't laugh at Dutch because of it?

Not that I expect you to have the integrity
to accept responsibility for your lies.

In a way his comfort in lying gives Goo freedom to
invent whatever he wants to, but it also restricts him
from being able to even acknowledge much less deal
with reality. As I've explained to the poor stupid moron:
When he lies, even if he can persuade other people
to be fooled by them, in reality Goo still hasn't "won"
or even made an attempt to.

Just recognize they *are* known as lies.


Goobernicus...liar...idiot... I again ask that you
provide some example(s) of Goo's idiocy in regards
to interspecies sexual activity between animals, and
now gladly share a growing list of Goobal idiotics for
anyone trying to get an idea just how stupid this
Goober appears to be, and/or is sometimes amused
by reading the idiotic maunderings of an egotistical
ignorant fool:
__________________________________________________ _______
Ron asked:
So you are telling us that the cow was purposely bred into existance
and fed and watered for 12 years only to be sold at the lowest price in
the beef industry......and all that done with the singular purpose of
supplying the pet food industry?

Goo replied:

Message-ID: et
__________________________________________________ _______
Ron pointed out:
You also said cows are raised for 12 years specifically to become

Goo replied:
Some are.

Message-ID: .com
"Dogs NEVER anticipate, nor do cats, or cattle, or
any other animal you've ever encountered." - Goo

"Animals do not experience frustration." - Goo

"Darwin, a sentimental person, was projecting. He
saw something that wasn't there. He was, in a way,
hallucinating." - Goo

"No zygotes, animals, people, or any other living thing
benefits from coming into existence. No farm animals
benefit from farming." - Goo

"Causing animals to be born and "get to experience life"
.. . . is no mitigation at all for killing them." - Goo

"the moral harm caused by killing them is greater in magnitude
than ANY benefit they might derive from "decent lives" - Goo

"When considering your food choices ethically, assign
ZERO weight to the morally empty fact that choosing to
eat meat causes animals to be bred into existence." - Goo

"no matter how "decent" the conditions are, the deliberate killing
of the animals erases all of it." - Goo

"I have examined the question at length, and feel
there is only one reasonable conclusion: life, per se,
is not a benefit." - Goo

"Being born is not a benefit in any way. It can't be." - Goo

""giving them life" does NOT mitigate the wrongness of
their deaths" - Goo

"Animals cannot be or feel disappointed." - Goo

"Non human animals experience neither pride nor
disappointment. They don't have the mental ability
to feel either." - Goo

"Anticipation requires language." - Goo

"No animals anticipate." - Goo

"The dog didn't do what Darwin said. His statement of
the "changes in behavior" is not reliable." - Goo

"Dogs, cats, cattle, almost all animals "lower" than
the great apes have no sense of self." - Goo

"They are not aware that they can see. " - Goo

"They are *not* aware that they can smell." - Goo

"The fact of the matter is, with 135,000,000 cats and
dogs in the U.S., the food to feed them simply cannot
be "leftovers" from the animals bred to feed humans." - Goo

"Ranchers . . . have no idea if a steer they raise is
going to be used entirely for human consumption,
entirely for animal consumption, or for some
combination; nor do they care." - Goo

"Cattle are specifically bred into existence to be
pet food. " - Goo

"I'm right about all of it." - Goo
"I can explain myself in logical and coherent terms" - Goo
"my name and reputation are sterling" - Goo
"Why are you laughing at mental illness" - Goo
"I'm not stupid." - Goo
"I know exactly what I think" - Goo
"I educated the public" - Goo
"I haven't made any absurd claims" - Goo