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Default The reality of fur farming

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article not downloaded:

Subject: The reality of fur farming

The reality of making automobiles happen: Habitat destruction
on a staggering scale.

From the iron ore mine, limestone quarry, and coal mine needed
to _begin_ the process of making steel, which is necessary
to even _begin_ the process of making an automobile, to the
billionsof acres of land covered with roads, parking lots,
garages and driveways and gas stations and service centers and
parts the lovely petroleum industry, from well to
tanker to pipeline to refinery to engine...

All of the above (a bare outline of the environmental impact of
the automobile industry) destroy habitat, much of it literally
sterilizes it. Nothing grows on a road.

The animals that lived on that habitat are no more. Billions
upon billions of them. Many of them died and die and will
die, horribly. None can escape and then return to rebuild the
population because there is nothing to return to.

So not only have you killed those animals, but every succeeding
generation of those populations.

All over the world, industrially-caused habitat destruction is
driving entire _species_ extinct, not just populations.

Someone who owns a car is doing thousands of times as much harm
to animals as someone who owns a fur coat.


Trolls, like this fellow, need not apply.

Especially if they are as clueless as he is.

Like a typical psuedo-progressive, he will not examine the
environmental impact of _his_ pet consumptions.

He's an ENVIRONMENTALIST (just ask him). Therefore, nothing he
does has any negative environmental impact. It's all someone
else's fault. That GreenPeace bumpersticker magically transforms
his vehicle into something that's utterly impossible without
magic: An earth-friendly car.

I once saw a "Live Simply That Others Might Simply Live"
bumpersticker on a car. I took very careful note of the driver.

People that stupid are dangerous.


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