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Default Question for Chumpo

Karen Winter, bestiality practitioner and child abandoner, wrote:


"Senor Chupacabra" condones men 'pleasuring' bulls.

Like most conservatives, Leif

He's not a conservative.

and Chico

It's Mr Chupacabra to you, Karen.

condone anything which brings
in money.

Not anything.

They have no objection if billions of beings live in boredom

Why should I object if people are bored? It's not my duty to keep them
busy or amused. Nor is it yours, especially if you intend to use my
money to do your religious charity work.

and misery, and die in agony.

Maybe I should learn to play the violin to give your silly posts the
dirge they deserve.

They have no objection to "bestiality" at all


I think artificial insemination of animals is completely immoral,
perverse, unnatural, and depraved.

Then why did you give that fleabag bird a hand job?