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Default Question for Chumpo

pearl wrote:


"Senor Chupacabra" condones men 'pleasuring' bulls.

Like most conservatives, Leif and Chico condone anything which brings
in money. They have no objection if billions of beings live in boredom
and misery, and die in agony. They have no objection to "bestiality"
at all as long as somebody makes a profit on it. But allow a crippled
little creatures a bit of harmless pleasure in his old age, and, if it
involves genitalia, they go off into hysterical bellows of hypocritical
and pretended outrage.

I think artificial insemination of animals is completely immoral,
perverse, unnatural, and depraved. It is only done for the
greed or vanity of humans who have no concern for the animals
involved as individuals at all.