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Default Question for Karen Winter and other Episcopalians

Archie Bunker wrote:

Is it the sentiment among Episcopalians that sex with small animals is
included in this "sexual immorality" which St Paul tells the church in
Corinth to flee? Or is this kind of behavior okay now since the Holy
Spirit has obviated most of the Pauline Epistles? Would your parish
object if she brought one of her little "friends" with her to church the
same way she has her FAS-defective ******* partner, and maybe even got
its jollies with her during, say, vespers? Or is it all perfectly
reasonable for "anglo catholics" to "glorify God" in their bodies and
spirits by diddling with critters?


I guess I better stop letting the dog hump my leg..or should I say
ankle since he is a chihuahua. HA HA HA HA

The issue according to Karen is whether your dog has a "preference" for
sex with your leg, ankle, or humans in general, over and above a
preference for sex with other dogs. I've never known a dog to have a
foot/ankle/lower leg fetish, aside from eating up shoes on occasion. If
your chihuahua prefers sex with your ankle or with you, then she thinks
it's perfectly acceptable for you to "cuddle up with it on the couch"
and alienate your human companionship for a little animal sex:

...[S]ome animals don't want a mate of their own species, just
as some humans don't. We may think it is better for a human to
get out, mingle with other humans, find a human partner. But
some humans just want to curl up on the couch or go out hiking
with their companion dog or cat. I think we need to respect
such personal preferences. As long as no *harm* is being done
to another, we have no right to tell another human, OR another
non-human, how to live his/her life, or who to live it with.

BTW and nevermind sex, have you ever considered hiking with a CAT? I
don't know where she comes up with her examples, but I guess it's to be
expected from someone who feels special and that it was "sweet" that a
bird got off in her hand.

just kidding! It does seem a bit odd letting an animal get off on your

*Very* odd, and thanks for your reply. Anyone else out there think it's
a bit queer? Anyone care to defend Karen, her "regularly" having sexual
relations with a small animal, and/or bestiality in general?