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pearl wrote:

A promotional newsletter which may be of interest...

Stop spamming these groups with sales literature, you ****ing idiot.


You stop spamming these groups with commercial materials.

1. See above.




---------- Restore --------------

2. The newsletter was informative,

It was full of pseudoscience and testimonials to *sell products* (way
overpriced ones, too), and these aren't commercial newsgroups.

and included recipes.

You could've edited them and left out the crass sales pitches.

3. It included opportunities for study and work.

Work? Study? They SELL that kind of shit, stupid.


This is why you flunked out of engineering school.

Those products are not widely available.

Yes, they are. Widely available.

It is a service.

It's a SALES PITCH, not a service. They're not a charity. They're a
business, just like Microsoft, Walmart, Monsanto, and anyone else you
reflexively despise.

4. I have never before sent commercial material.

You certainly have now.

5. Go

Eat me.

---------- End restore --------- sick hateful stupid narcissistic little fascist scum.

Wrong on every count. So was Derek when he gave you props you clearly don't deserve after that and similar tirades:

I'm sorry if this embarrasses Pearl, but it has to be said in
plain English that she's probably the most considerate animal
rights advocate you could ever meet. Unlike me she tolerates
people generally, whatever they might say in support for this
and that...
- Derek Nash

Lesley's as intolerant and inconsiderate as any other AR-type.