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Default Filthy airplanes

sf wrote:

Gregory Morrow wrote:

IMNSHO you are simply a white middle - class consumerist entitlement moo.
You went to China to adopt some kid like the rest of us would go to a pound
to adopt a kitten or a puppy or to Best Buy to buy a teevee, I guess all
the US - born kids who very badly need homes weren't quite "up to snuff" for
you so to speak. This marks you as another "Look at MEEEEEEEEEE...!!!"
breeder...with NO regard to those around you. I surely feel sorry for your

I don't follow your reasoning. People usually adopt when they fail to
make their own babies, so she's not a breeder.

BTW: All of my loooong flights during vacation had kids of various
ages on them. Every child was so well behaved (right down to the
infant) we barely knew they were there. I don't think my own kids
would have done as well on such long flights at their ages.


On a recent flight there was a PYV couple with their hell spawn. The
little POS was screaming so loud that I seriously considered contacting
the police to have them arrested for assault. Not unexpectedly the PYVs
were too self absorbed to give a damn about the other passengers on the
flight. Were it my hell spawn doing that I would have quieted it down a
hell of a lot faster and then actually apologized to the surrounding
passengers. But that's just non self absorbed, non egocentric, courteous

Pete C.