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Default Filthy airplanes


Gregory Morrow wrote:

The thing that's really "Yuck!" is the fact that you are dragging around

toddler on a plane. Why didn't you just leave it at home with somebody?
It's much too young to get any "enjoyment" out of a trip...

My son has just as much right to travel as you do. If you don't like
that fact, boycott the airlines. One less asshole we will have to deal

IMNSHO you are simply a white middle - class consumerist entitlement moo.
You went to China to adopt some kid like the rest of us would go to a pound
to adopt a kitten or a puppy or to Best Buy to buy a teevee, I guess all
the US - born kids who very badly need homes weren't quite "up to snuff" for
you so to speak. This marks you as another "Look at MEEEEEEEEEE...!!!"
breeder...with NO regard to those around you. I surely feel sorry for your

You sound like you have some kind of "anger managment" issue and I'm sure it
won't be too long before Child Protective Services comes a - knockin' at yer