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Default Fw: Decadent Raw Carob Fudge Mousse

A promotional newsletter which may be of interest...
(No affiliation).


Living Tree Community Foods

In this issue:

*Alive Almond butter
*Raw Organic Cacao Powder-New!
*Dream of Paradise Recreated
*Sundried Organic Vanilla Powder is Back!
*August Surprise Specials
*Alive Olive Oil, Alive Soup Contest
*Cashew Butter
*Milk of Paradise
*Sweet n' Kind -Pumpkin/Sesame Butter is Back!
*Desiree-Black Sesame Pesto is Back!
*With our compliments
*Decadent Carob Fudge Mousse
*Living Tree Internships
*Hug Your Neighbor Coops
*Become A Living Tree Partner
*For Glorious Elders and Nursing Moms

Dear brothers and sisters,

We thank you for your encourageing response to our sale last month
of alive almond butter. We are delighted to extend the sale through
August. Try it as a topping on peach slices or strawberries.Toss in
some raisins and honey and know why we call it Freedom Butter.

Raw Organic Cacao Powder-New!
Cacao is the seed of an Amazonian tree which grows throughout
Central and South America. Cacao beans are the source for all
Chocolate and Cocoa products. Cacao is incredibly rich in
Magnesium and is most likely the number one source for this
essential mineral. Other essential minerals present in Cacao are
Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Sulfur, Magnesium and Potassium.
The bean also contains more antioxidant flavanoids than any
other food tested - including blueberries, red wine and green tea.
Add it to smoothies. Imagine sprinkling it on a fruit salad of
sliced peaches, bananas, mangoes and strawberries!

Chocolate Almond Milk Add to a blender 2 tbs of Living Tree
alive almond butter and two cups spring water. Blend and watch
it flash into almond milk. Add 2 tbs raw cacao powder,
1 tsp vanilla powder and Snugglespoon Honey to taste. Blend!

Sundried, Organic Vanilla Powder-New!
Vanilla powder is made by pulverizing the whole dried beans to
a fine powder. Vanilla powder is well suited to incorporation into
liquid-sensitive mixtures, such as some icings and melted chocolate,
where even a small amount of liquid could create a problem; and
into raw mixtures in which vanilla beans would not have a chance
to impart their flavor evenly and thoroughly. In addition, the flavor
of vanilla powder is more intense than that of most extracts and
does not dissipate even with prolonged cooking. Vanilla powder
will keep indefinitely, stored in an opaque, airtight container in a
cool, dry place.
Intensely vanilla, it takes over 220 vanilla beans to make a pound
of vanilla powder. Bliss out with a mix of vanilla, raw carob and
mesquite powder; sprinkle on everything you eat.

August Surprise Specials.
We are reducing our raw ,organic almond butter by 20%:-
Raw almond butter-16 oz $24.75 now $19.20
Raw almond butter-8 oz $12.99 now $10.39
We are reducing by 20% the following items:-
Black Sesame Tahini $11.99 now $9.59
Tahini $9.99 now $7.99
Agave Nectar-21 oz $13.50 now $10.80
Olive oil 750ml $35.99 now $28.79
Olive oil 375ml $19.99 now $15.92
Coconut Dream $14.99 now $11.99
Coconut Oil $13.00 now $10.30
We ask that you buy 3 jars of any item to get these lower prices.
Remember that this 20% discount applies to 3,6,9,12... any
multiple of 3 jars. This offer is good till September 1st.

Alive Olive Oil, Alive Soup Contest
By adding Alive Olive Oil to alive soups like gazpacho for
example, you can make them wondrous. Do you have a recipe
for alive soup you would like to share? Send it to us.We will
award the top three each with a 375ml bottle of Alive Olive Oil.

Here's a recipe by Susan Schenck:-
Everybody's Favorite Celery-Cilantro Soup
(Adapted from a recipe from the Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck)
1 bunch celery (about 8 stalks)
1 bunch cilantro
1 bunch fresh dill
1 cup Living Tree Alive Olive Oil
1/2 cup Living Tree raw almond butter or raw tahini
3 cloves garlic
1-2 T unpasteurized mayo
1 T nama shoyu
1/4 cup lemon juice (if not available, raw apple cider vinegar)
8 cups water
Blend in a K-Tec or Vita-Mix, adding a little of the ingredients at a
time until creamy. This is a big hit everywhere I have taken it.
I always get requests for the recipe! If you want to make it creamier,
simply add more celery stalks and a little more almond butter or
olive oil. Serves about 10.

The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck
This book deserves to be a classIc. It is well researched and
provides answers to questions people so often ask.. It is the best
compendium we've seen on alive food. We hope to do a review
in our next issue. Copies may be ordered by writing to Susan at
livefoodfactor @

We are pleased to offer you a 20% discount on 750ml or 375ml
bottles of Alive olive oil with a purchase of three bottles or more.

Organic Cashew Butter
It's fruity and sweet and so satisfying. Think of it as cashew ice
cream! Try it on slices of peach or strawberries. Keep refrigerated.

Milk of Paradise- Macadamia, Cashew Spread
We have created a nut butter from cashews and macadamias that
is ecstatic, enlivening, and yummy.

"I can feel the vitality in your nut butters. I have eaten other organic
raw butters but yours make my body happy.
I can feel it the minute I eat it.
I started with the Black Sesame Tahini which is for Kidney energy
in Chinese medicine and now I am enjoying Milk of Paradise.
Sara Pettitt L.Ac.
Pacific Acupuncture and Wellness Center

Sweet n'Kind-Pumpkin/Sesame butter is back!
Delightful pumpkin/sesame seed spread. Pumpkin seeds are a symbol
of prosperity and fruitfulness. The celebrated food of Native Americans
who treasured them both for their dietary and medicinal properties.
Very nourishing and energizing.We have added Tropical Blossom Honey,
our Alive Olive Oil, vanilla extract and Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt.

Desiree,Black Sesame Pesto is back!
Here's a zesty pesto made from our organic, UNHULLED, black
sesame seeds. We've added basil, thyme, our Alive Olive Oil and
Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt to make it satisfyingly good! Use it on
carrot and celery sticks and flax seed crackers for hors d'oeuvres.
Black sesame seed is said to be effective in mitigating premature
gray hair. An excellent source of calcium for those avoiding cow's
milk. Used in traditional Chinese medicine to nourish and fortify
the liver and kidney yin. Said to help blurred vision, tinnitus, and
dizziness. Used traditionally to help patients recover from severe
illness. Will nourish blood deficiency in the body, lubricates the
intestines and deep internal organs. Helps move the bowel..

Decadent Raw Carob Fudge Mousse
by Master Chef Bruce Horowitz
Email: thesunkitchen @
2 cups avocado
1/2 cup ripe banana
1 cup Living Tree raw carob powder
1 cup pitted dates (soaked in water if dry) or 1/2 Cup Living
Tree Agave Nectar
1 cup water or coco water
1 Tbs. Living Tree coconut oil or olive oil
Optional Flourishes: Pinch of fresh vanilla bean or
1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp. spirulina, 1/2 tsp. orange zest
Blend until creamy, chill and enjoy.

For your good health this Spring:-
With a purchase of $50 or more- get one pound organic
Thompson seedless Raisins- FREE!
With a purchase of $100 or more- get two pounds organic
Thompson seedless Raisins- FREE!
With a purchase of $150 or more- get three pounds of
Organic Thompson Seedless Raisins- FREE!
With a purchase of $200 or more- get four pounds of
Thompson seedless Raisins- FREE!
With a purchase of $300 or more- get five pounds of
Thompson seedless Raisins- FREE!
With a purchase of $450 or more- get FREE SHIPPING
and three pounds of Thompson seedless Raisins- FREE!

Living Tree Internships
We'll train you in the marketing and sales of organic food.
You'll be contacting natural food stores worldwide. You'll
learn the structure of the markets for organic food. You'll
also learn the art of negotiating sales with professional buyers.
Think of this as a gateway to the organic food industry.
No other individual sector is growing anywhere near its pace.
You'll also help with customer service, talking over the phone
with live food enthusiasts worldwide. We'll share with you
our knowledge of alive food and healing. When possible we'll
go on an alive food excursus at 10,000 feet in the Range of
Light as John Muir called the High Sierras. No other mountain
range is as continuously beautiful.
Matriculate, by hugging a tree! Graduate, when you come to
the realization that schools make people stupid and hospitals
make people sick.
Classes are ongoing. Please click here.
mailto:jesse @

Living Tree University is for those on fire with the love of learning.

Hug your neighbor! Hug the earth! Create Coops and Buying Clubs
Now! We urge you to get together with neighbors and friends and
start a food coop. Combine your purchasing power! Buy in bulk!
You'll save considerably, both on the cost of goods and on shipping.
When you start your neighborhood food co-op, we'll be delighted
to work with you. With pleasure we'll extend to you our wholesale
prices. Click here mailto:jesse @ to request
that we email to you our Coop and Buying Club literature.

Become a Living Tree Partner
We are seeking an investor with a knowing heart. Investing is after
all entering into a relationship and we are seeking someone both
venturesome and adventurous who would be willing to share his
or her business acumen and in turn learn from us. Moreover
someone who can provide the long term, stable capital we need
to help our enterprise become the leading manufacturer of alive,
organic and kosher certified nut butters. We offer the prospect of
asset appreciation in the organic food industry; it's been growing
at the rate of 20% for over a decade. Right now we are in two
locations in Berkeley. We want to consolidate our admin, sales
and manufacturing in one facility. We plan to move to a larger
facility, engage more teamworkers and purchase more productive
tools and equipment. If you'd like to learn more, please click here.
mailto:jesse @

For Glorious Elders and Nursing Moms
We feel privileged to offer you one pound of our delicious
Thompson seedless organic, sundried raisins with any purchase
you make. Just let us know in COMMENTS on the shopping cart.
I am a nursing mom (and also a yoga instructor).
For the last few years I have looked for cashew and almond butter.
Always I would get home, taste it; it would have that terrible burnt,
dead taste.
At any rate, since I started nursing I have been craving cashew
butter. I have just had a spoonful of your delicious cashew nut
butter and love it. (I had been eating a lot of sweets lately because
I have been craving rich sweet things... and feeling sort of yucky
because of it.)
I hope your company is thriving! I went through a jar of the raw
almond butter too.
Thank you so much.
Kathryn and Baby Claire

Let's give praise for the gift of alive food and let's give thanks
by way of showing kindness and respect to brothers and sisters.

How can a visit to our website make you ecstatic? How can we
improve our service to you? Do you know of others who would
appreciate receiving this newsletter? We'd love to hear from you!

Please do not click on this email by way of reply, rather click
on our email address below
info @