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Default "Canadian Lyric" cocktail?

On 2006-07-27, Otto Bahn wrote:

It's true -- American whiskey has to made from at least 51%
rye, while the Canadian stuff may not have any at all. The
Scotch stuff, unlike it's mispelled cousin, is generally all

According to McGee _On Food and Cooking_ (second edition), in the
section "American and Canadian Whiskeys":

North American whiskeys are produced mainly from the New World's
indigenous grain, maize.

[...stuff about bourbon, which is made mainly from maize...]

Canadian whiskeys are among the mildest and most delicate of the
spirits made from grains. They are a blend of a light-flavored
column-distilled grain whiskey with small amounts of strongers
whiskeys. They can also include wines, rum, and brandy, up to 9% of
the blend. They're aged a minimum of three years in used oak casks.


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