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Default Burning around the edges

laurie wrote:
Nah, it's just a standard electric oven. Yesterday I took the magic bars
out 5 minutes early (fairly significant when they're only supposed to cook
for 25 min.), when the center was still sticky looking, and the edges are
burned. It still seems like the center could have been cooked a bit more
(though they're edible). The brownie recipe I tried last week actually was
a new recipe, one with butter melting with the sugar on the stove first,
maybe that had something to do with it. I've never made brownies that way
before. But even my old standby recipe (aka Betty Crocker) has been
burning around the edges. I'll break out the oven thermometer and check the
temp. Thanks.


If the temperature of your oven is off by the same amount at any set
temperature then you might be able to remove the temperature control
knob and adjust it so it shows the correct temperature. That way you
won't have to remember to adjust the temperature for a given recipe.
When the oven is set to bake do both heating elements come on? If the
top element is coming on along with the bottom element it may be
toasting your brownies.