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Default Where's everybody gone?

pearl wrote:
"William" wrote in message ...

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Billy Blight wrote:

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Billy Blight wrote:

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Billy Blight wrote:

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It's the other way around.

I don't believe you

You're an idiot-by-choice, billy.

Because I refuse to accept your second-hand lies

Because you're mentally damaged.

My faculties are in peek condition.

Nope. They're so damaged, you misspelled "peak" as "peek". You are

Actually, I was trying to be funny. Oh well.


She married a skinhead.

He married a vegan.

She married a skinhead.

I went out with a hard-nosed capitalist for quite a while.

You should have stayed with her. Or maybe it was him.

If I had I would still have rejected her principles. It doesn't follow that because
Pearl married a skinhead that she would be one herself.

That's the truth of it.

Bullshit. You adopted the outward appearance, and you talked the talk,
even if you didn't fully walk the walk. For all intents and purposes,
you *were* a skinhead during the time you were married to that violent

In any case, lesley married her skinhead, and adopted the outward appearance of
being one herself.

You're backpedaling. Adopting the outward appearance is a long way short of actually
being one.

Just to be clear: I did *not* adopt the style, look, dress, haircut, or anything else.

That's a lie, you dirty foot-rubbing Chelsea.

And just to be clear, you *do* endorse bestiality:

*As long as the feelings are mutual*,
and there's *no coercion or force involved,* why
should you be concerned? Personally, I have no
problem with people's personal choices *as long as
they don't harm or cause distress to another*- be it
human or animal. [emphasis in original]