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Default Where's everybody gone?

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Billy Blight continued his pathetic defense of a known airhead:

He was a lying criminal
Then how can you believe him


I don't believe you now you've admitted that your sources of information
lying criminals.

What did he have to gain by saying that she participated in his culture?

The same as you - the hope that his lies would discredit her - revenge.

He needed an excuse for the break up - so of course shifted the blame onto me.

Naturally. I've blamed my ex girlfriends for our break ups but not to the extent
went to.

Seems that the appearance of being happily married and settled meant a lot to him-
he relied on it to lend some credibility to his ranting. Couldn't lose face after

He says you lured him, and that's shifting the blame onto you for the breakup.

Moreover, what bond would he have had with her if she didn't identify in some
with his skinhead worldview?

I think the real question here is, what bond would she have had with him if he
identify in some way with her vegan worldview? I think he was a vegan trying to
dispel the myth that all vegans are whimps.

He wasn't a vegan. He was near-vegan when here, but after he'd left I found out
that he'd been scoffing hamburgers in town... Our common ground was mainly
religious belief. He was not violent or abusive toward me, but it eventually
apparent that our differences outweighed agreement, and, he was a really lazy
The end came when I discovered that he had been trawling for girls at porn

Really sorry to hear that Pearl. Glad to hear you had the bottle to dump him
A lot don't and find they've wasted their lives on wasters like your ex.

It wasn't a good time, I'll say that, and not just because of that.. At the end of
day it was really just as well, as I had to go to England quite regularly and
someone here to look after the place whilst I was gone. A reason for everything..


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