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Default Where's everybody gone?

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Billy Blight wrote:

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Billy Blight wrote:

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Billy Blight wrote:

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It's the other way around.

I don't believe you

You're an idiot-by-choice, billy.

Because I refuse to accept your second-hand lies

Because you're mentally damaged.

My faculties are in peek condition.

Nope. They're so damaged, you misspelled "peak" as "peek". You are

Actually, I was trying to be funny. Oh well.


These guys have no sense of humour. It seems my use of peek in place of peak aroused
in Leif a state of pique. :-)

She married a skinhead.

He married a vegan.

She married a skinhead.

I went out with a hard-nosed capitalist for quite a while.

You should have stayed with her. Or maybe it was him.

If I had I would still have rejected her principles. It doesn't follow that
Pearl married a skinhead that she would be one herself.

That's the truth of it.

I would say so.

In any case, lesley married her skinhead, and adopted the outward appearance of
being one herself.

You're backpedaling. Adopting the outward appearance is a long way short of
being one.

Just to be clear: I did *not* adopt the style, look, dress, haircut, or anything
else. !

My bad. Sorry.

She was a skinhead-wannabe herself.

No, but it seems pretty certain that he was a vegan-wannabe.

Hardly - he was scarfing hamburgers.

They often do.

When did you last?

Can't remember. I was a vegetarian for quite a long time before going vegan about
years ago.

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