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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

"Rick & Cyndi" > wrote in message
> "Debbie Deutsch" <
> <snip>.
> Debbie, you apparently must have missed my posting where I
> explained that I no longer kept my "papers" on all of the
> wonderful attributes that Waterless cookware has; therefore, if
> you REALLY want to know... then either find somebody near you
> that ACTUALLY has the cookware (just reading about it on the
> Internet is only going to give opinions... and usually they're
> only from Type A persons that have that "need" to tell everybody
> their opinion - be it good or bad)... or contact one of those
> Home-demo sales offices!
> I'm done discussing it with you because you fail to understand
> what I've already told you and you seem hell-bent on trying to
> push your biased opinion on something that you've never actually
> used or even seen!!

You may not be aware of it, but it is becoming rather obvious to most people
who are in this thread that you have a serious psychological issue with
these pans. I have not seen anyone claiming that these pans are crap. I
have, however, seens several people, myself included, asking why these pans
are special - how they differ from other good quality cookware. You have
always avoided this question. Why is this? You seem bent on claiming that
this waterless cookware is superior in some way, but you refuse to say *how*
it is superior. You complain about other people's "biased opinions" while
offering only your own biased opinions. You seem to think that these pans
are perfect, while any remotely competent cook knows that no pan is perfect.
It's painful to see you embarassing yourself over and over - haven't you had

Peter Aitken

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