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Default "Canadian Lyric" cocktail?

On 2006-07-27, Francis A. Miniter wrote:

By the way, has anyone noticed that the Irish and American spirit
producers tend to use the spelling "whiskey" while the Scots and
Canadian distillers use the spelling "whisky"?

Kingsley Amis in "On Drink" specifies "bourbon whiskey" in his whiskey
collins recipe, with the note:

For once, you can use rye or Irish whiskey or Scotch whisky* if you
feel like it.

and the footnote:

* Fact for the factually-minded: only Scotch may be legally be spelt
without the 'e'.

Incidentally, his note for the Old-Fashioned reads:

You really have to use bourbon. The Rye Old-Fashioned is not too
bad; the Irish version just tolerable; the Scotch one not worth

Vielen Dank