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Default "Canadian Lyric" cocktail?

TimC wrote

On 2006-07-29, Adam Funk (aka Bruce)
was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
On 2006-07-27, Otto Bahn

It's true -- American whiskey has to made from at least
51% rye, while the Canadian stuff may not have any at
all. The Scotch stuff, unlike it's mispelled cousin, is
generally all rye.

Huh? Scotch is made from malted barley, smoked over peat.

And teh good stuff has a few litres of cough medicine

Single malt is an aquired taste, I've been told. I like it,
in small doses. Blended can be good, but I'm not much of a
scotch drinkler to start with, prefering booze I can dump into
a fruity or sour drink mix of some sort. Unless I'm doing
shots. Then I prefer vodka. I don't like cough medicine at
all, unless it has enough good drugs in it that I don't care
what it tastes like after the 1st does.

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