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Default Where's everybody gone?

Billy Blight wrote:

Derek, thank you for your email but it wasn't necessary. I'm a bit surprised to know
you actually went along with these guys and got all aggressive though.

Why should you be surprised? The guy is an insufferable prick.

OK, I've read
those posts but you haven't told me why you attacked her.

Because she's a friggin' moron and he came to his senses about the
little green men, the claims that foot massages cure people of dread
disease (and brain injury!), etc.

And yes, you regret it and blame yourself. Too late!

He's wrong to now regret pointing out her serious mental defects. Why is
it too late to make amends, rightly or (in this case) wrongly, if one
believes one has offended or wronged another?

Do you argue with everyone



Everyone "WHO," not "that."

disagrees with you?

He DOES! He's the most argumentative shit in these groups.

You knew she was a vegan.

She's not a vegan.

She's on your side, so why weren't you on her side!!

So we have yet another instance in which "the side" is deemed more
important than "the truth." Derek had it right when he called her a
goofy bitch or whatever it was he said, and he'd be correct in calling
you one, too.